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CECBL's responsibility

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CECBL'S RESPONSIBILITY is the official website of the SPANISH CLUB OF LICOR MINIBOTTLE COLLECTORS, from now on the CECBL, and its purpose, as described in its statutes, is "the promotion and practice of collecting Minibottles of Liquor, in all its varieties and by extension of any other liquids that by their characteristics allow this to be considered as such, like vegetable oils, vinegars, syrups, refreshments, beer, perfumes, etc."

In this way, and through its website, it allows members, among other things, to maintain contact between themselves in real time, to add in articles and opinions as well as pictures and information, in those places provided for such purpose on the web.

Although the moderators of the different forums commit themselves to make the maximum effort to assert the accuracy, veracity and good manners of the opinions expressed, as well as the information provided by the companies that advertise their products through the page, or the articles published in it, neither the administrator of the page nor the Board of Directors of CECBL, nor its partners, are responsible for such information nor in any way share or validate the statements published.

In the same way, neither the CECBL nor its website guarantee the good use of the information included or loaded on the page or its responsibility for the consequences in respect of third parties that could be derived, direct or indirectly, pecuniary or of any other type, as well as the loss of data, images or any other type of information, disclosed by the members or administrators, as well as errors or omissions contained in the page, all made extensive to the web pages whose links are provided.

To all intents and purposes, it is the will of the managers and members of the CECBL, that the principle of good faith will prevail, and that this page´s exclusive objective is of brotherhood and collaboration among the members, visitors and sympathizers of collecting in general, and of minibottles of liquor in particular.

Madrid, 1st of December of 2010

The CECBL Board of Directors

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