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Chronicle of the 9th Annual CECBL Meeting Toledo 2019

Written by Luis Campos Serna
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As usual, on Thursday 26th of September, the first attendees were arriving, although some had already been on Tuesday to carry part of the Club's material (commemorative bottles of previous years and porcelain miniatures of the Puerta del Sol of Toledo, or empty boxes for the mini of the year (a Macallan 21 years), etc. because this year we were joined by a Group of Chinese collectors from Continental China, Macao and Hong Kong, so that they had the opportunity to acquire our minis from other previous meetings.

010 informacion en hotel015 obsequio asistentes Electronic advertisement of the show located in the hotel lobby and welcome presents to attendees

020 macallan 21023 puerta del sol negra026 puerta del sol blancaCommemorative miniatures of the meeting

The Hotel chosen for this Meeting was the Beatriz, a magnificent Hotel with all type of services, so that, some of us even had the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing massage to recover from the long trip. At night, and taking advantage of the excellent temperature, we all enjoyed a cocktail dinner in one of the hotel gardens. This year, like previous years, we were accompanied by our friends from France, Italy, Turkey, Slovakia, Puerto Rico, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, and this year a large representation of 33 Chinese visitors, undoubtedly the largest representation since the inauguration of the Club meetings.

On Friday, and to continue with the tradition, we begun our tour around Toledo.

The first and mandatory visit, began at 10:00 to visit the Alcazar of Toledo and Army Museum, which we could only saw partially, given the majesty of it and the limited time available to do it.

030 alcazar fachada035 alcazar soldaditos040 alcazar interior045 alcazar maqueta

Alcazar’s main entrance and some samples of the content of the Army Museum

Then, we moved in two buses to the Loranque farm, one of the farms and wineries of more roots and tradition of the Province, where curiously several chapters of the famous TV serie “Tell me how it happened” had been filmed, however and to arrive, we had to drive through a long and winding road full of potholes and curves that produced a lot of fun within the passengers.

050 bus 1056 bodega loranque 1053 bus 2

Bus passengers enjoying the voyage and introduction to visitors of the winery

060 bodega loranque 2065 bodega loranque 3

Fermentation room and aging cellar

070 bodega loranque 4075 bodega loranque 5

Great informative talk offered by one of the winery owners

After the obligatory visit, we were able to taste its three most elaborate wines, with the most grateful sense for the palate.

080 loranque cata 1085 loranque cata 2090 loranque cata 3095 loranque cata 4

Different moments of the wine tasting session

100 loranque grupo

Photo of the group in the courtyard of the winery

After such a pleasant visit, again to the bus and to the winding road, that when crossing a narrow passage over a river, motivated a thunderous applause to the bus driver, and from there to Toledo, to eat at the restaurant Alfileritos, 24, that between the ascent of the very long mechanical escalator and the dismissal of not a few to find the restaurant between the narrow streets of Toledo, forced a not very relaxed meal, and then, a walking tour through the historic Toledo.

110 comida alfileritos 1115 comida alfileritos 2120 comida alfileritos 3125 comida alfileritos 4

Different lunch moments at Alfileritos 24 restaurant

After the lunch, and a break to meet the needs of the coffee lovers, we met with the guides in the famous Plaza de Zocodover in Toledo, the starting point of this particular setting, which ended on the other side of the Tajo River, to leave to the Beatriz Hotel.

130 al salir de alfileritos135 tour toledo

Part of the group at the restaurant exit and guiding instructions for the walking tour at Zocodover Square

140 toledo tajo145 puente de alcantara

Views of the Tajo River and the Alcantara Bridge

After having spent the most touristic part of the meeting, we proceed to the Beatriz Hotel to deposit in the room where we would have our later dinner, those pieces that the participants considered most interesting for the auction, that would take place after dinner. We must highlight especially the gesture that our colleagues of the Chinese delegation had, since not only and in his name, but Mr. Man's Chan, offered to the CECBL’s profit several valuable pieces for the auction, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong Club, including a pair of Dalmore Angel’s share, as well as the President of the Guangzhou Club, who also offered his last miniature commemorating his meeting of the current year, a Macallan 1988, but in addition, also offered all collectors a miniature of Martell Dinstinction VSOP. Thank you very much dear Chinese friends.

150 minis subasta 1155 minis subasta 2160 minis subasta 3165 minis subasta 4

Miniatures on auction when the dinner ends

Once the auctioned miniatures have been cataloged, we enjoy dinner in an atmosphere of great camaraderie and companionship, as the photos illustrate.

170 cena subasta sala175 cena subasta 1180 cena subasta 2185 cena subasta 3190 cena subasta 4195 cena subasta 5200 cena subasta 6205 cena subasta 7210 cena subasta 8215 cena subasta 9220 cena subasta 10225 cena subasta 11230 cena subasta 12235 cena subasta 13

Pictures of Friday's dinner, before the auction

240 una mini para cada coleccionista245 subasta

A A Martell miniature offered by Mr. Chan to each and every collector and a “flash” of the auction

On this occasion, the auction was not only the most enthusistic of all those held to date, but also had simultaneous translation from Spanish to Chinese with some brushstrokes of English and French. Hard to see more languages mixed in one auction; and not only that, but also record numbers were reached.

€ 325 - Set of Dalmore, The Angel’s Share, a Man’s Chan present.
€ 300 - Eiffel towers set Deluze cognac.
€ 225 - Macallan 1998, conmemorative 9th Guangzhou meeting and Guangzhou president prsent.
€ 170 - Chivas Royal Salute set, including the brown one.
€ 140 - Piramid Cognac Paulet.

With the auction, we closed the Friday day.

On Saturday, and as usual, we celebrate the trading day. It was held in a large room, where 23 tables were gathered, among which, stood the José Aybar’s table, that put for the first time, or the CECBL table itself, which counted with most of the commemorative minis of previous years, except those already discontinued.

The day began with some calm, until the entrance in the room of our Chinese friends. I can only judge by the Club’s table, which was served by Miguel Angel Dominguez, Alberto Puga and myself; there were moments that we were not able to attend, as between the idiomatic difficulties and the peculiarities of the Chinese “type” of buyer, that is to say “haggling and curious” we almost ended up crazy, although satisfied and tired of so much activity.

250 mesa estibaliz255 mesa gildas francia260 mesa laura265 mesa gilles francia

270 mesa manolo viceira275 mesa ileana mexico280 mesa ingrid jan eslovaquia285 mesa jose aybar290 mesa manuel francia295 mesa pili ruben300 trading305 todos felices

Pictures of the trading room and tables

Then we shared a Spanish wine in the same place, although with some logistical failure between the hot and cold appetizers, but even without the company of the Chinese collectors who abandoned us in that act, it was nice and abundant.

310 vino sabado 1315 vino sabado 2

After the Spanish wine, the Annual General Meeting of the Club was held, with brief summaries of the Secretary and President, and out of which, only the letter read by the undersigned President, which informed all attendees by reading a letter addressed to the Board and Members in general, of his resignation to continue as President of the Club, after having been promoting the creation of the Club, the organization of four of the nine meetings held and nine years of work and dedication to the Club. This letter is posted on the Club website –

Finally and as a closing ceremony, we moved to the Hotel Carlos V where we enjoyed a dinner-cocktail on its terrace, with an ideal temperature and spectacular views of the iluminated city of Toledo. A great weekend party.

320 carlos v terraza325 carlos v 1

330 carlos v 2335 carlos v 3340 carlos v directiva345 carlos v 4350 carlos v 5355 carlos v 6360 carlos v 7366 placa conmemorativa mr chan

Various Moments of the farewell dinner and delivery of a commemorative plate by Mr. Man’s Chan to the CECBL Board

During that dinner, Mr. Chan and his colleague from the Guangzhou Club, presented a commemorative plaque to the Board of CECBL that had three beautiful badges from the three Clubs represented. Once again, we thank the Presidents of the two Chinese Clubs for their innumerable signs of appreciation and for their extraordinary generosity in the form of presents for the Club, wishing them every success for the future of both Clubs. 非常感謝您將來對兩家具樂部的訪問和成功。

Finally, my colleagues on the management team gave me a commemorative diploma for my dedication to the organization of the meeting. Thank you !!!!

370 entrega diploma375 gracias


Madrid, October 7, 2019
Luis Campos Serna

Note: The total or partial reproduction of this article is not allowed without the authorization of the author and the CECBL.

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